Wednesday, June 20, 2007

iPhone: Taking a Byte Out of Apple?

The iPhone will be available for purchase on June 29. Get in line now at your local Apple or At&T store, or have bookmarked; if not, be prepared to do without, as the iPhone may be sold out. While you won't find me in any of those lines next Friday, as I don't have any plans to purchase an iPhone (more on that later), you may still find me at reading about all of Leopard's great new features!

Apple delayed the release of Leopard by 4 months so they could ensure a smooth and successful release of the iPhone. Given Apple's track record with the Mac OS, a smooth and successful release is expected with Leopard as well.

The iPod's halo effect has been great for the Mac and, no doubt, so will the iPhone's. For Mac users, though, watching new users come over to the wonderful world of Aqua or make the switch away from Windows is getting to be old hat. It's kinda like "I told you so."

As for the iPhone: the jury's still out. I might be the only one NOT buying one, but I think the network your calls go through should actually count for something when you are making a long-term commitment.

Line forms to the left.


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