Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Network Tip: Best Online Subnet Calculator

When working in networking, you will inevitably have to determine the addressing (or, often, re-addressing) of the devices with which you are working. While it is good to understand the basics of binary math, it is better to have handy a good (or, better, great) subnet calculator. Some time ago, I recommended the SolarWinds subnet calculator; now, I would like to recommend a web subnet calculator for those times when you don't have access to your SolarWinds calculator. If you head over to SubnetOnline, you will find a bevy of great resources, such as subnetting guides and, of course, subnetting calculators. SubnetOnline's subnet calculator is particularly helpful because it provides you with exactly the information you need when you enter in your host IP address: start and end host addresses, network and broadcast addresses, max. # of hosts and more!

If you need to subnet, bookmark this calculator; I have added it to my Links section as well.


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