Tuesday, September 11, 2007

L2 Switch Pre/Post Migration Checkout Commands (CatOS/IOS)

Here are some commands to use on L2 switches (CatOS/IOS) during pre/post checkouts of your migrations. These commands are not listed in any particular order; indeed, all that matters is that they are all executed and that their output is logged.

sho ver
sho mod
dir disk0:
sho config
sho port stat
sho trunk
sho port channel
sho cam dy
sho port trap
sho vtp domain
sho vlan
sho interface

sho ver
sho run
sho ip int brief
sho int status
sho mac-address-table dy
sho mac-address-table aging
sho vtp stat
sho vlan brief
sho tech

This list is just a suggestion and comments for addition (or subtraction!) are welcome.


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