Sunday, January 28, 2007

Switching to the Mac: 1Passwd removes Barriers to Entry

Change can be daunting.....change can be HUGE! But, it can also be rewarding and if you switch to a Mac you will know exactly what I mean. I do understand the apprehension many are having in deciding to make such a switch, especially if this switch is going to be for their primary desktop/notebook. Indeed, we are living in a Windows world and not everything we need may/will work on a Mac.

Based on the Google searches I have seen over the last few months, it is clear there are a lot of PC users looking to make a switch to the Mac. However, it seems one of the big issues holding them up - or at least a cause for concern - is how will they make do WITHOUT Roboform, which does NOT work on the Mac. I, too, am a Roboform user and can understand the desire to have this same ability on the Mac - I just couldn't imagine using my PC without Roboform. Now, on my Mac, I couldn't imagine life without 1Passwd.

With 1Passwd, there really is no excuse for not having a Mac.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Black MacBook Peeling

If you have read my other posts, you will know how strongly I recommend buying a Mac and switching to OS X. Indeed, I did and I couldn't be happier, or more productive. However, every time I pull my Mac out of its MacCase sleeve I can't help but shiver at the marks (peeling, flaking - don't really know how to describe it!) on the bottom of my MacBook. I originally suspected this was caused by the heat issues the MacBooks were known to have - and they can get hot. I no longer believe this to be the case considering all I have read about other Black MacBooks with paint peeling, flaking and chipping. I have not brought my MacBook into Apple, as the only support seems to be their Genius Bar and the thought of having to part with my MacBook right now is too much to bear.

I have been searching online for scratch removers, as that is what these marks look like. Now, I know I have been very careful with the MacBook. So, this is either peeling, flaking or the matte coating scratches easily. In any case, every product I have come across works solely for the white MacBook.

My main objective right now is to find some way - by my hand or someone else's - to remove these marks (or make them less noticeable) so that my enjoyment of my Mac begins the moment I pick it up.

The Joy of Tech.....Joy Indeed!

It is a great day when you stumble upon something wonderful, but doesn't it just kick you in the shins to think you have missed out on this wonderful thing until now? But, better late than never and I am pleased to say I have added The Joy of Tech to my daily tech diet. I am also pleased to say for those who have missed out on it, like me, there is a great solution: The Best of...The Joy of Tech

Friday, January 19, 2007

Cisco to change its IOS

Over the next 5 years, Cisco is going to be making some significant changes to its IOS. These new changes, as described in a recent Network World article, will allow users to make enhancements to the IOS without having to reinstall new images. In effect, the software, like the hardware, is becoming more modular.

This would be nice indeed.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Switching to the Mac

As I mentioned in other posts, I have switched to the Mac and there just is no going back. There just really is no comparison between Windows and OS X: one works as it should, one causes nothing but stress and grief. I don't think I need to elaborate further.

Newbies to OS X will find working with a Mac a breeze to pick up and, indeed, quite an addiction. However, I would like to recommend an excellent book, which helped me when I first switched and is really a MUST HAVE book for anyone considering such a move (which really should be everyone - are you getting the message by now?).

The book is from O'Reilly (a great publisher whose Cisco titles I have recommended) and is called Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, Tiger Edition by David Pogue (of the NY Times) and Adam Goldstein. This book has a place beside every Mac and, indeed, a Mac has a place on every desktop.