Sunday, January 28, 2007

Switching to the Mac: 1Passwd removes Barriers to Entry

Change can be daunting.....change can be HUGE! But, it can also be rewarding and if you switch to a Mac you will know exactly what I mean. I do understand the apprehension many are having in deciding to make such a switch, especially if this switch is going to be for their primary desktop/notebook. Indeed, we are living in a Windows world and not everything we need may/will work on a Mac.

Based on the Google searches I have seen over the last few months, it is clear there are a lot of PC users looking to make a switch to the Mac. However, it seems one of the big issues holding them up - or at least a cause for concern - is how will they make do WITHOUT Roboform, which does NOT work on the Mac. I, too, am a Roboform user and can understand the desire to have this same ability on the Mac - I just couldn't imagine using my PC without Roboform. Now, on my Mac, I couldn't imagine life without 1Passwd.

With 1Passwd, there really is no excuse for not having a Mac.


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