Thursday, September 13, 2007

InformationWeek Recommends 1Passwd

As more and more people have been switching to Macs, I have not been surprised to see the number of people searching for roboform alternatives increase. Indeed, "roboform for Mac" searches are typically one of the first you see among Mac switchers. Fortunately, for me and many others, we have not had to search long or far since 1Passwd was there to meet all of our needs and then some. Thus, it was no surprise that Macworld was soon echoing the same positive feedback that I had been seeing for months all over the web. But, it was quite a surprise to see InformationWeek, an industry trade journal, chime in as well. Some apps you can't live without and, indeed, wish were built into the OS. 1Passwd, for sure, is one of those apps.


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