Friday, September 21, 2007

Roboform for the Mac: 1Passwd (Revisited)

It seems to be the consensus that, on the Mac, 1Password is nonpareil. However, recently I received some comments on one of my posts about 1Password and how it compares to Robform. Therefore, I would like to bring to everyone's attention a wonderful application called AllBookmarks by the creators of 1Password. Using AllBookmarks, you can create drop-down menus in a similar manner as to Roboform; further, these menus work across multiple browsers so your access to your bookmarks is seamless. Alternatively, you can create 1Click Login bookmarks with 1Password, which create drop-down menus quite similar to those used in Roboform.

If this isn't convenient enough for you, a web version of 1Password is soon-to-be-released for the ultimate in portability.

With AllBookmarks, 1Click Login bookmarks and this new web version, 1Password is a Roboform for the Mac - and then some!


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